Me? I’m a writer. Well, technically an ACD.

I’ve worked for agencies made of letters like DDB and JWT. Agencies with funny names like Toy, Omelet and Walrus. Big independent agencies like The Richards Group. Boutiques that sound like law firms (Downtown Partners) and football drills (Full Contact). Not to mention the very French (ooh la la!) Publicis. As a freelancer and a company man.

I’ve helped launch new campaigns for Delta Dental, Walgreens, Zipcar and the city of Chicago. I’ve written for water bottles made from corn and plastic bottles made for babies. Institutional investments and steak sandwiches. Tires and beer. I’ve had my ideas shot down by Tori Spelling.

I put myself through grad school at the VCU Brandcenter. I’m Kansas born and a proud Jayhawk alum. I’m married. To an art director. She’s awesome. We have two beautiful little girls. Want to know anything else? Just ask: timbunker@hotmail.com

Thanks for stopping by.